Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Planning.

I thought I'd break this up into two posts. The Planning and The party.

Part of the planning comes with a story, for those of you who care to read this.

In October I threw Noah a Train party. I made little train cakes. The cakes turned out cute and all was well with the world. I stumbled across this bug pan around the time I got the train pan. I thought how cute would a bug party be for Lily's first Birthday. Now, you may be asking yourself 'little girl and bugs?' My little pet name for Lily is Lilypad. It just sort of happened that way, I even sang her the 'Lolipop' song except used 'Lilypad' instead of Lolipop. You know the one, maybe from the '60's or something like that. Anyways, the name Lilypad reminds me of Lilypads, and dragonflies and the pretty water lilies. For those of you who know me well, I am not much of a girly-girl. I hate pink, think dresses are unconventional, don't like make-up (Sorry Ma) and overall find girly things to be, well, girly. (I do like shoes and to have my toes painted.) So, I thought, how cute would Bugs be? Dragonflies, butterflies, bee's and ladybugs. Still cute, not too girly, but girly enough. Who knew that by the time this little Lilypad was one she would have gotten me to a point where I actually had pink cupcakes, got her a pink unicorn and a pink bigwheel. I also bought her a Birthday Dress. Yes, this is the first dress I purchased and approved of 100%! I loved it, thought it was perfect for the party, she looked like a little ladybug.

So this brings us down tothe planning part. The Food. Bugs are fun and I was going to use the cool cake pan that I got. (I bought it for my Birthday to use at this party.) I ran out of steam and called my local grocery store and asked them to make cupcakes and move them around to make the shape of a butterfly. The decorator had never done it before, so, I was thrilled with what I got. Next time, I will remember to ask for Pastel colors, (little less dye) if I get cupcakes again. I got excited with the idea of themed food. I thought of the oldie but goodie Ants on a Log, and making mini sandwiches using a cookie cutter. ( I won't do the cookie cutter sandwich again - they was super cute, but so much waste. I used two loaves of bread I didn't know what to do with all of the leftovers - there was so much.) Then I was like hmmm, now what. I called my gf Brooke and asked what she thought and we brainstormed and came up with some ideas. Then I went to the internet and got the ladybug lemonade idea. (Raspberry lemonade with frozen Blackberries - it was nummy.) Brooke and I thought that the spiral pasta could be cool to be like caterpillars, but then I founf actual bug pasta and bug graham crakers. So, there you have it. Our menu. The other thing I found on line was the idea of a game. We had a bug hunt. I got over 200 bugs and had them 'hidden' in the yard for all the kids to go run out and find. It was a hoot, and a big hit. I of course forgot to pull out my camera for the event, but you canimagine it was fun and fast. We had prizes for the top two buggers and everyone got to take home the bugs they found.

Before the pictures, I owe a huge thanks to Tiff for helping me get my house clean by playing withthe kids on Friday. Thank you Robin for coming and helping with the last minute details late Friday night with decorating and organizing. Thank you Nic for helping with the food prep in the morning and a BIG thanks to Jamie for hiding the bugs, holding Lily a lot, and taking so many amazing pictures on the big day.

So, here are the Prep photos! Enjoy!

Party Prep

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