Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It has been awhile...

So, looks like I last posted in January. Lots has happened since then.

For starters we had my parents in for another lovely visit. We all had a nice time. (We are going to forget that Grandpa wasn't feeling too hot for part of the visit.) We hung out, went to a Birthday Party, tried out a new church, Roland and Monte did a mini-project in the garage, had Brooke and the kids over while they had movers at their place and watched Noah and Lily do what they do. It was a busy 4 days.

Lily was doing her standing and my parents got a Noah-full. That is a mouth-full from Noah. Our son, nothing like his Mother or Father talks non-stop.

Here are a few shots of them. Once again on the last day. Hey, to me, it is more important to make memories of fun, than have photos of the kids not having as much fun getting their pictures taken.

January Van Dusen visit

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