Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lily's Birthday Evening

After the kids had their naps, we were able to get on the WebCam with Grandma and Papa Van. The kids played outside for a few minutes and then we headed out for dinner. We stopped at the grocery store for a little piece of Birthday Cake and went to Elephant Bar. I like a silly Momma totally forgot my camera. We did not get any pictures of Lily chowing on Chicken Stirfry with veggies. The restuarant gave Lily a free Birthday Sundae and brought one for big brother too. This was very nice. It even had a candle in it. We ended up not having the cake. So Lily will have her Birthday cake for Breakfast tomorrow morning and I'll have my camera! Yay!

We came home and opened her presents and then went up for bed. It was a lovely, lovely day.

Thank you all for sharing it with us by checking out our blog. I can't beleive my baby girl is a year old already. She has brought joy and laughter and love to our lives. I look forward to all of her next Birthdays and Noah's too!

Lily's Birthday night

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