Thursday, March 5, 2009

More updated house photos.

I mentioned we have more house photos. Along with the built-in's we had the railing to the stairs, the inside of the front door and all of the mantels re-stained. I still haven't put pictures on the mantles, I will get to it though. I wanted to show the drastic difference on the foyer floor, we decided to have one of the fireplace surrounds done with the same travertine tile. I think those are it when it comes to what we had done before we moved in.

My parents came out twice since we have moved. Roland and Monte did projects both times. The first time they installed an attic ladder (not shown) and they built a cat box station. I wanted the cat boxes in the garage. I asked for a hole to be put in the office door and a hole to be put between the office wall and the garage. I also asked for the cats to be safe, thinking we'd build some kind of closet with walls and doors. Then brilliant Monte asked, why not in a cabinet? Fabulous idea and so it came about. The cat station is in the garage in a cabinet. This may not sound all that interesting to most of you, but with the layout of the house there really was no place to put boxes. No, we aren't getting rid of them - I have heard that 'solution' before!

The last set of pictures are our 4 new babies. We had 5 trees removed. One in the front had already busted our driveway about 4 inches, we have been talking about having it re-poured. I said, no way no how until the tree that did the damage is gone. (Not pictured.) In the back we had a dead tree removed, and a tiny root invasive tree removed. The tiny tree would soon be like the two very large shade producing trees we had removed. If you scroll back in the blog you can see a picture of the ficus. They had to go. The already busted a strip of concrete that separated the yard from the 'tree/flower' bed. It's roots were all under our yard and all along the back wall. In no time would it be able to completely bust a wall. The roots above the ground were as thick as the trunk of the tree itself. It was pretty bad and scary. Beautiful trees, but we are not going to have our new home have ts foundation ruined by some pretty trees.

There you have it, the newest on the Krolfront.

As for the selling of Orinda. We had a buyer - they backed out (quite late) and now the house is on the market again. We could really use some prayers to have our house sold. We could also use prayer that if it is God's will to rent that renters will come and we'll be patient and accept God's will gratefully. (We really want to sell.)

Thanks all. I have more pictures to come.

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