Thursday, November 13, 2008

As promised Van Dusen visit part 2!

Here are the rest of the pictures from our visit with Grandma and Grandpa Van. We already look forward to our next visit in December!

From As promised Van Dusen visit part 2!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Hello there,

Lots has been done at the house. I thought I'd share. The roof and deck are done, they look the same. The mold is gone, they did a great job! The termites are gone, yahoo! Our painter Carlos, is amazing. He put a wall where the hole was and has painted every surface in the house. There is a bit of touch up work that needs to be done once the floors are in. We decided to have the built in bookcases refinished. They look amazing, and we are so GLAD we did it before we moved in, It generates SO MUCH DUST. It also stinks to high heaven. We can smell the stain from down the street. It looks as if our floor guys will start on the 17th and then Carlos will come do the finishing work on the paint and then we can officially move in!

We are not planning to move in until 12/13. My parents will be here, and can help us with the kids. We have slowly one or two car loads at a time have been moving things into the garage. Our storage unit is mostly empty. We have 3 bookcases and a chair to move over. We know we need a truck for the bookcases. Monte will 'attempt' to move the chair in his car, we'll see how it goes. Once the house is all done, we want to do a major cleaning, the kids and Monte and I have managed to keep a lingering cold and we want to be sure it isn't something in the house. We are getting excited. We'll move over easy stuff one or two car loads at a time till the big moving day. Maybe put pictures up on the walls or something. Lily's bedroom furniture will be delivered on our 10th anniversary. (How romantic!) Monte will be putting her crib and bookcase together while we wait for the dresser and hutch. She will sleep in our bedroom till we move. Then big day for all of us! I still owe the rest of the photos of the Van Dusen visit, and I have more I want to post, I just need more time in the day! Just took these pictures today!