Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Apple Picking

We went Apple Picking with the Idol's, Schnell's and Stiles's. What a hoot. We went pretty early and made it before it was too hot and too crowded. Phil and I were discussing the similarities of herding children and cats. Brooke and Phil learned that people who put busniess cards on windshields should realize that they could land in your engine and make enough racket to put you on edge. We also learned that apples are nummy. So far, I know of two pies, apple sauce and apple turnovers have been made. They have been gifts for the Jewish New Year (sorry - can't spell it) and bribes for floor guys who will put closet door tracks onthe floor if we provide them free of charge! Overall a success. We should do it again next year. We'll be +1 with Stiles addition!

Apple Picking

Around The House.

Just some shots of us kicking back. Lily thinks her big brother is the greatest thing in the world. Noah enjoys Lily as well.

Around the house

San Diego Wild Animal Park photos.

We had a great time at the WAP on 9/20/08. It was a spur of the moment decision. Noah had a blast with the animals and the water area.

San Diego Wild Animal Park