Thursday, January 20, 2011

December 2010

As I write this at the end of January, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

December is always a fun filled month. We have Birthday parties, Christmas parties, School and Church kids singing thingies, family in town, Christmas, New Years Eve and two weeks off of school!

During most of the Christmas break it rained here, so we mostly did crafts. Not much interesting in the last two weeks of December, but the first two weeks were FUN-FILLED!

Here are some of the highlights!


November 2010

November was a low key month. Monte celebrated 10 years of working at Blizzard Entertainment! The kids and I got to watch him accept his award of his 10 Year Shield! It was a very hot day. we were expecting it to be cool. Fun stuff.

We had International students over for Thanksgiving dinner. They study or studied at UCI and really enjoyed our American Thanksgiving meal. They played with the kids, we laughed and really enjoyed getting to know one another. It is nice to make new friends.

One late morning/early afternoon the four of us went for a walk down by the greenbelt so I could take pictures of the kids. I was trying for a Christmas photo, one we wouldn't need to pay for this year. Here are just a few of our shots from our 'photo-shoot'.

Finally, Lily. She and I hang out at home one day a week while Noah is in school. She loves her alone time. She sure just does her own thing.