Monday, July 20, 2009

Chicago trip last day and flight home.

On our last day of our trip we did what we do every time we go out there and we went to Chicago. We took the train downtown, got some Garrett's Popcorn and took in the sights of the city. Noah and Lily loved being on the train. We met up with Auntie Laura and had some lunch. We then went over to the big towers that have water flowing from them and chased the kids in and out of the water. We headed over to Buckingham fountain and found a shady place in the grass to do some more running around.

We then met up with Uncle Bill and took a nice long city walk to his new house to check it out, visit some with him and Donna and enjoy some good ole Chicago style pizza. Uncle Bill and Donna have the best house EVER according to Noah. They live right above the train station. The trains were going in and out and in and out. It was very very cool. The visit was great and then we walked back to the train station to go back to Olympia Fields.

This is where it happened. Lily my sweet Lilypad popped. Like a grenade. About half way home on the train she pretty much lost it. She was done with the train, she was done with the traveling, she was done with the car seat (on this trip I drove about 1030 miles). She made it known she was not a happy camper. Even on our flight home. She complained 4 hours of the 4 hour and 20 minute flight home. Fortunately for me, I had parents around us who understood and felt as bad for her as I did.

The trip was long, exhausting, fun, exciting, happy and sad. We don't regret any second of our really busy trip. We are so glad we saw everyone we got to see. We are bummed that we missed a few of you. We know that this time next year we will have one less family member and that is the bittersweet part of the trip. We miss you all, we love you all, come visit, we have room.

Thanks for looking. Lots of love to you from us!

Chicago trip last day

Chicago trip days 10 - 12.


We went to the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois, right near Aunt Pat and Uncle Matt's place and near my Grandparents house.

We started at the Museum and Noah was beside himself. We went on a short trip on a train to see where everything was and get a little tour. We then met up with Aunt Pat and Hannah, looked around a bit and had some lunch. We then took a long train ride, Noah got to pull the handle to make the train whistle blow, and promptly fell asleep on the train (as desired). We then looked in some more of the train 'sheds' and headed over to the Miller farm for some play and dinner.

At the farm, we pet the horses, kitties and dog, we threw rocks in the pond, took a ride on the ATV and had a nice grilled dinner and ice cream for dessert. It was a blast. Lily slept during most of the playtime at the farm and so did Daddy and Daddy had the camera so, I got pretty much no pictures.

On our way home we dropped by Lily and Noah's great Grandparent's (Nedza). We got there pretty late, so our visit was short but sweet. The kids ran around and gave hugs and got the rest of their yaya's out before the long drive home (85 miles). It was a full day, but we enjoyed every minute of it. One of my favorite days of the trip. One of my favorite memories as a child is being with my Aunt Pat and Uncle Matt and with the animals on the farm. It is refreshing and comforting to be far away with large vasts of land and silence from the hustle and bustle of big cities and everyday busyness.

Tuesday we hung out at the house. Took it easy and relaxed, played withthe kids inside and out, the kids took naps, and we recharged ourselves for the last two days and then our flight.

Wednesday we got to go visit with Grandpa Al and Buscia (Great Grandma Krol). We were unable to see her the week before, but were so happy to be with her on Wednesday. Her name is Adeline. Those of you know Lily's middle name is Adeline. She is named after her Great Grandma. We hope Lily will be like her in many ways. Aunt Helene was there as well as cousin Stephanie, it was good to see the family. Stephanie was a big hit with Noah and they played so well together. Thanks for all the help Stephanie! You were great!

Here are some pictures of Monday and Wednesday.

July 6th and 8th 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 3rd, 4th and 5th.

We started our big weekend with a very long drive out to Camp MacLean. What would normally take an hour and a half took three and a half hours with the lovely construction and traffic. We missed the extra time being able to be there, but what an awesome time we had when we were there. Monte and Roland went on the new high ropes course and what a hoot that was! We had a lovely dinner followed by a song lead by Monte. His infamous Boom Chicka Boom, a Monte camp favorite. We also were able to tour the grounds and see all that is new and up and coming. What a great place to be. Ended our night with a much quicker hour and a half ride home, as hoped! :)

Our fourth of July was perfect. The day started with rain, we kinda hung out at the house and relaxed as we prepared to head over to my brother Scott's and sister-in-law Jaci's place. We were greeted with some hugs, good food, fun conversations, a little WoW, and fireworks on their driveway. It was awesome, we could see fireworks from probably ten towns and or neighbors. Noah ans Lily experienced their first fireworks show, and it was not loud, just a little misty out and pretty darn cool.

Our fifth was a great beautiful day! We went to church and then headed over to our cousin Jim and Bev's for another family BBQ. So many people were able to be there. Again, great food, family, fun and friends. It was a lot of fun to watch all the kids play together. We didn't see Noah for hours, he just disappeared with the kids in this big house and he was safe! What a nice break that was, and how we enjoyed watching them all get along and play. It is a party like this and the others that we realize how much we miss 'our people' back home.

Monte was a little better with the camera on the 5th, so we got some pretty good pictures. Again, if anyone took any pictures, please feel free (I am begging) to flood my e-mail with them. Thank you! :)

July 3rd - 5th

Friday, July 17, 2009

Chicago trip days 4-6.

Tuesday Monte, Noah, Lily, Grandpa and I met up with the Gibson's (minus Kevin - we missed you) and Chris with Christopher and Abby at the Brookfield Zoo. The kids all played great, we enjoyed the animals as well as running around on the grass during a little lunch break. Our girl Lisa went to great lengths to be with us this day, so that we are truly grateful for and will cherish our time spent. It was also a double blessing to be able to be with my 'little' brother and Christopher and Abby, though the time was short.

After the zoo we stopped at Grandpa Al's house to visit. He lives about 5 minutes from the zoo. Turns out, once again, no pictures, but I know that Grandpa Al took some, so I will wait for them (patiently?). Please send them, please?

I snuck in a cute photo of the ride home from Grandpa Al's and the zoo. :)

Wednesday we had a cancellation, so we hung back and took it easy. No photos.

Thursday we went to the Shedd Aquarium. They have done so much with the place since we were kids. I just love it, you could spend a couple of days in there. With two kids as young as Lily and Noah we don't see as much. They had fun, pretending to be penguins and watching the dolphins practice for their show. It was a great day, at my second favorite museum type place in Chicago.

Chicago days 4-6.

Day's 1 - 3 of our Chicago visit.

We started our visit off with a bang. A double BBQ weekend. We got in late Friday night (White Castle drive through before we even got out of the van) and let the kids run around a bit before a late bed time.

Saturday we had about 45 - 50 people over for some fun in the sun. The weather was warm, the pool was ice cold the visiting and eating was fabulous. It was a combo of people I grew up with from Homewood Church, way back in the day and old U of I friends from when Monte went to college, and some close friends of my Mom's. What a delightful crew of people. We enjoyed seeing everyone and remember our reasons for loving where we came from.

Sunday we had our family of almost 20 something over right after Church. Another wonderful weather day, ice cold pool and great visiting with more nummy food. We missed you Uncle Matt, Elyse and Michael, Naso and Estelle and Dave (Owen). It was wonderful to finally meet Hannah, Payton and Abby.

Thanks to all of you who came out and to those of you who brought nummy, nummy food.

Monte and I were visiting so much, we didn't get a lot of pictures taken. I'll post a few that I have, but I would LOVE for anyone who took pictures to flood my e-mail with them, so I can scrap my memories. Thank you in advance.

Monday was the perfect low key day. A little bit of grocery shopping and cooking, but mostly laying low. Naps for the kids, and it was a wonderful way to get ready for our busy and fun week ahead.

Chicago days 1-3

Frinker Fun!

We are back from our trip to Chicago. We had a great trip. There will be more posts soon with photos. For now, we have a couple of shots of fun in the frinkers! (Sprinklers = Noah Speak.)

When we got home we were greeted with dead grass, a broken AC (it was 100 on Saturday), a computer that wouldn't let me look at my pictures (why the week delay) and a tivo gone haywire. So, we needed some supplemental water for the grass, oh and it is a bazillion degrees out, so we got a sprinkler for the kids (and Momma) to run through.

Enjoy, I hope they make you feel nice and cool!

Frinker Fun