Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 3rd, 4th and 5th.

We started our big weekend with a very long drive out to Camp MacLean. What would normally take an hour and a half took three and a half hours with the lovely construction and traffic. We missed the extra time being able to be there, but what an awesome time we had when we were there. Monte and Roland went on the new high ropes course and what a hoot that was! We had a lovely dinner followed by a song lead by Monte. His infamous Boom Chicka Boom, a Monte camp favorite. We also were able to tour the grounds and see all that is new and up and coming. What a great place to be. Ended our night with a much quicker hour and a half ride home, as hoped! :)

Our fourth of July was perfect. The day started with rain, we kinda hung out at the house and relaxed as we prepared to head over to my brother Scott's and sister-in-law Jaci's place. We were greeted with some hugs, good food, fun conversations, a little WoW, and fireworks on their driveway. It was awesome, we could see fireworks from probably ten towns and or neighbors. Noah ans Lily experienced their first fireworks show, and it was not loud, just a little misty out and pretty darn cool.

Our fifth was a great beautiful day! We went to church and then headed over to our cousin Jim and Bev's for another family BBQ. So many people were able to be there. Again, great food, family, fun and friends. It was a lot of fun to watch all the kids play together. We didn't see Noah for hours, he just disappeared with the kids in this big house and he was safe! What a nice break that was, and how we enjoyed watching them all get along and play. It is a party like this and the others that we realize how much we miss 'our people' back home.

Monte was a little better with the camera on the 5th, so we got some pretty good pictures. Again, if anyone took any pictures, please feel free (I am begging) to flood my e-mail with them. Thank you! :)

July 3rd - 5th

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