Friday, July 17, 2009

Chicago trip days 4-6.

Tuesday Monte, Noah, Lily, Grandpa and I met up with the Gibson's (minus Kevin - we missed you) and Chris with Christopher and Abby at the Brookfield Zoo. The kids all played great, we enjoyed the animals as well as running around on the grass during a little lunch break. Our girl Lisa went to great lengths to be with us this day, so that we are truly grateful for and will cherish our time spent. It was also a double blessing to be able to be with my 'little' brother and Christopher and Abby, though the time was short.

After the zoo we stopped at Grandpa Al's house to visit. He lives about 5 minutes from the zoo. Turns out, once again, no pictures, but I know that Grandpa Al took some, so I will wait for them (patiently?). Please send them, please?

I snuck in a cute photo of the ride home from Grandpa Al's and the zoo. :)

Wednesday we had a cancellation, so we hung back and took it easy. No photos.

Thursday we went to the Shedd Aquarium. They have done so much with the place since we were kids. I just love it, you could spend a couple of days in there. With two kids as young as Lily and Noah we don't see as much. They had fun, pretending to be penguins and watching the dolphins practice for their show. It was a great day, at my second favorite museum type place in Chicago.

Chicago days 4-6.

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