Friday, July 17, 2009

Day's 1 - 3 of our Chicago visit.

We started our visit off with a bang. A double BBQ weekend. We got in late Friday night (White Castle drive through before we even got out of the van) and let the kids run around a bit before a late bed time.

Saturday we had about 45 - 50 people over for some fun in the sun. The weather was warm, the pool was ice cold the visiting and eating was fabulous. It was a combo of people I grew up with from Homewood Church, way back in the day and old U of I friends from when Monte went to college, and some close friends of my Mom's. What a delightful crew of people. We enjoyed seeing everyone and remember our reasons for loving where we came from.

Sunday we had our family of almost 20 something over right after Church. Another wonderful weather day, ice cold pool and great visiting with more nummy food. We missed you Uncle Matt, Elyse and Michael, Naso and Estelle and Dave (Owen). It was wonderful to finally meet Hannah, Payton and Abby.

Thanks to all of you who came out and to those of you who brought nummy, nummy food.

Monte and I were visiting so much, we didn't get a lot of pictures taken. I'll post a few that I have, but I would LOVE for anyone who took pictures to flood my e-mail with them, so I can scrap my memories. Thank you in advance.

Monday was the perfect low key day. A little bit of grocery shopping and cooking, but mostly laying low. Naps for the kids, and it was a wonderful way to get ready for our busy and fun week ahead.

Chicago days 1-3

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