Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve.

Well, we didn't take too many pictures Christmas Day. Daddy got some video footage and we'll try to get some of that up eventually. For now, we took a couple of photos on Christmas Eve.

We have decided that our Christmas Eve. traditions will include opening of the Christmas jammies and stockings. So, we have one of Lily and her stocking in her new jammies and Noah in his new jammies with all of the contents of his stocking. Lily got a few soft toys and a few balls in her stocking. Noah got a bunch of train tracks from Ikea and some flashlights and a dinosaur in his stocking. All of the tracks from Ikeas didn't fit in his stocking, so we wrapped them. He has played with the train tracks every single day, for hours on end and when he is not playing with them, he is asking to play with them (or watch Frosty.)

We had a lovely Christmas, though we were all sick, we had a nice quiet Christmas. Noah would get so excited about a new toy he opened he'd forget there were other presnets under the tree. Then, he'd notice the tree and presents again and say 'ooohhh, presents', open one and then play again. This was nice.

Our gift to each other this year did not fit under our tree, it fit our tree in it. We love our new home and our first Christmas here was just wonderful. We hope the same was true for everyone else!

Christmas Eve.

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