Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Van Dusen visit December 2008 and a couple of house photos.

We were pretty busy working on the house during our recent visit with Grandma and PaPa Van. I only thought to take pictures as they were heading out the door to go to the airport. (Bad Momma)

Anyways, we had a very productive and nice visit. Lots got unpacked, an attic ladder was installed, holes were put in walls to give the cats a place to 'use it' and we had an early Christmas celebration as well as a few nice meals. It was a whirlwind of a trip. We are working on getting a more comfortable bed to sleep on. (Why is it we say 'sleep in bed' ? We are really on it, aren't we?)

Grandma and Grandpa Van Visit 12/2008

I haven't really gotten around to taking a lot of pictures of the house. Right now you can imagine it is mostly boxes all over the place. The Playroom is the room I started in first. Here are a couple of shots. The built-in bookcases are now full of books and stuffed animals. I'll take more later, but this was early in the moving process. The kids didn't care that the room wasn't done. (Please admire children and newly stained built-ins.)

Playroom shots

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