Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lily is 10 months old today.

It has been awhile since our last post. We have been busy with unpacking and getting used to our new home. We are enjoying the new place, it is great to let Noah just go in the yard and I can get dinner ready, or toss a load in the wash. It is much more relaxing to know I can see him anytime and he is safe.

Lily is 10 months old today. Where has the time gone? She has this little hop/scoot she does across the floor. We have got to try and get it on video before she gets up and walks. She loves to practice standing, she is still quite wobbly. She is crazy about her brother, he just walks in a room and her face lights up. She is a big time chatterbox and loves, I mean LOVES to blow raspberries. Noah did a little bit of chattering and raspberries, but Lily does it all day long. She is sweet and snuggly and just precious.

Noah is a busy boy. He talks from the second he wakes up till he passes out for bedtime. He enjoys being outside and playing with his sister. He always asks where she is if I don't have her with me when I walk in a room where he is. He is very protective of her when it comes to things that can be dangerous. He still tries to pick her up and always wants to feed her meals. Now, I am not going to say it is perfect all of the time, he often tells her 'no touching, no touching' when she goes for one of his toys, and occasionally is a little rough in the mornings when we all hang out on the bed. Noah still does My Gym and loves it.

I will be going to take a tour of a preschool this coming Friday. I am not sure how I feel about it. I am excited for Noah to get involved and to thrive in a new more structured environment, and to have some alone time with Lilypad, but at the same time, 3 hours 2x a week without my little boy? I can't imagine. I have never really been without him. I have gone to a couple movies here and there, but mostly while he was napping. It seems surreal. We'll see how it goes.

My folks will be in town again this weekend, that will be fun. The kids grow and change so much day to day, it is great to have them here to witness them grow and change. Sadly it will also be the same weekend my best gf Brooke leaves to Seattle. I will miss her dearly, but it is time for a new chapter in their lives to start. If anyone has suggestions on explaining to a 2 year old he will never see his buddy from birth again, fill me in. Noah asks for Cade almost daily.

Anyways here are a few pictures we took from this morning. We snapped a few shots before heading out for church. Our baby, 10 months!

Lily is 10 months

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