Sunday, January 22, 2012

1st Time Library Card Holders

Noah and Lily are official Library card holders! This was a very exciting and fun trip for us. We hadn't been to the Library in close to two years. (Yes, I know, I am horrible to the environment and we buy our books, we'll try and get better.) The last time the three of us went to the Library we had this really long drawn out discussion about how we need to be very quiet and use whispers in a Library. So, we got to the Library and they were definitely quiet, but they ran around like they had just gotten out of a cage. They were running and jumping on furniture, going totally wild. I was mortified and left immediately and had been too shell shocked to come back.

This time was different. Lily had been asking to go to the Library for over a week or so, we had the opportunity, so we went. This time we talked about behavior as well as whispers. They were awesome.

We have arrived!

I told them to get their crazies out before we went in. Lily needs to pull her pants up. Silly Lily.

All right, now for a pose in front of the Library.

We went to the bigger Library. The Library had two playrooms. The line was long to get cards and I had to fill out 3 forms (one each), so we went to the first playroom.

Noah colored while Lily looked at books and out the window.

Once I filled out all of the paperwork, we got our cards. Noah and Lily signed both of theirs all by themselves.

Here they are, their Library cards.

Then, we went to a different playroom. They spent a lot of time in here.

Noah loved this recycle truck. We used to have one; he rarely played with it, so we gave it away. Then he sees one and plays with it! Go figure. Lily is my puzzle girl! I look forward to doing puzzles with her when we are on vacation and holidays together when I am all old and gray. :)

I finally dragged them out of the playroom to go get some books. We looked at a few -- by now we had been there nearly two hours. I read them each a book, then they picked some for themselves.

Lily picked 4 and Noah picked 3. They are both pretty excited. Noah chose one that he wants to try to read on his own. It is a "#1" book. I think he needs more practice with his Bob books, but I love his enthusiasm. Lily has loved books from the beginning and she'd sleep with at least 6 a night if I let her.

Now, it is time to check out. We all used our own cards to check out!

Now, it is my job to be sure there is only one special place we keep Library books in the house. We have bookshelves in practically every room in the house, so we need a good spot so that I don't go mad looking for them when it is time to return them.

So, there you have it. Our very first ever (official) trip to the Library.

Now, let's go READ!

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