Friday, May 29, 2009

The Driveway, Grass and Aquarium!

Finally, the grass is in! Here are a few pictures of the grass, Noah enjoying the grass and my rose garden bed. I have lots more work to do with fixing up the beds and all, but that will come along just fine. Though the grass is in, after watering it for almost a week now, we have found a couple of dry spots and a couple of really really wet spots, like standing water. So, we'll be making a call, see if the guys can come and tweak it a bit. Otherwise Monte will be out there doing a job he loathes!

The driveway is in and looks fantastic. The walls are all stucco'd and need paint. Yes, we know we have three different colors of stucco. We are ok with that for now. We'll paint later. Our gate comes in about 10 days! It will be fantastic to let the kids go out and play while I throw a load in the dryer or start dinner and not fear that they'll run out to the front and into the street. For now, I just hang out with them.

Funny, as soon as we got the grass in, both kids got sick. Bummer, we stayed upstairs for the better part of the week. BUT, before they got sick, we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific on Monday. They really ejoyed seeing all of the fish. There is a small section outside where you can pet stingray and sharks, Noah didn't want to, but liked it when I did. There was a small enclouse with birds and Lily really liked that a lot.

Noah has been asking to see the oh, deer and Meerkats everyday since last week. His reaction the the grass was priceless too. He came downstairs from his nap, I told him to look outt he window. He refused to for like 30 minutes. Then I asked him again and he looked outside and said 'Oh, WOW, grass!' It was awesome. Lily of course had both hands banging against the door the second she woke up. This is not unusual, she does that every day no matter the weather or the state of the yard.

Hope you like the pictures. As my flower and tree beds progress, I'll get some more pictures up. And of course of my saving grace - the Gate!

Grass and Aquarium

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