Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Driveway and the kids.

The driveway was poured last weekend, we'll be getting our brick band this weekend. Things with this set of contractors has run very smooth. These guys are great! 4 of the brothers do this kind of work, Carlos, he is our painter and stopped by to say good morning. He is painting a house down the street. He thought he'd help for a few minutes and got a shovel. So, 5 brothers. (They are a family of 12, 6 girls and 6 boys, OLE!)

As for our landscaper. Well, things are not going as well on that end. We are not really sure he'll ever get it right. He didn't come until today, worked for about 2 hours and said he'd be back tomorrow to install sprinklers. He left a mess in my yard and 2 valves with an active leak. So, nothing to show except for a puddle of water. Yup, I am totally human and make mistakes. This one just happened to be a biggie and is costing us a pretty penny.

My kids, well You can see that I left Noah alone for a minute while cleaning Lily up from lunch. And you can see that Lily thoroughly loves her dirt snacks.

Until later!


Driveway and kids

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