Monday, June 15, 2009

Planters, gate and kids.

Here are the pictures of the planters as promised. We are busy busy, getting ready for our trip and just getting the house cleaned up and stocking up the freezer. Monte is having to fix all of the sprinklers in all of the beds that the 'not so good' landscaper did. It is keeping him plenty busy. We got our first mow 'free' it was a little too short. We are in the process of researching electric lawn mowers so we can mow it to the grass' specifications and our desired length. Hopefully it will green up. The chop job turned it a little yellow at the tips. We also have a patch that is totally dead in front that will need replacing and a sprinkler. Hey, now we have an amazing and safe yard for our kids to play with, it just seems that the work is never really done. Even when you 'paid' someone else to do it.

We are getting so excited for our trip to Chicago, we'll have lots of pictures when we come back! For now, more plants and a couple of the kids.

Planters & kids

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B said...

I love your yard! It looks very So Cal and also very Susan. =) I love Lily's little home-made outfit. Sooo cute! You've got cute kids, missy! B =)