Thursday, October 23, 2008

Noah's Birthday Party

So, we had a train party for Noah's Birthday this year. It was a blast. We rented a train for the kids to ride, I made 9 little train cakes and a good time was had by all. Well, most (wink, wink). One of the hardest things about kids and parties is picking the time. No two kids ever have the same nap time. So, some come a little more punchy than others, some a little more tired, some a little freaked out and some think it is the greatest ever. No matter, we love them all and hope to have some smaller play-dates based on better times. Overall, it was a very good party. Noah only got off the train to pick a different seat each time the train stopped. He rode it for an hour straight! I don't think he ever would have left the train. He went to bed that night saying Momma, tomorrow, more train, ride? Man, I love that kid. He fell asleep in my arms and when I went to lay him in his bed he said, train, whooooo.

As soon as I get permission, I'll put some more of the pictures up with the rest of the kids in them. Since my blog is public any yahoo can look at it, even though I only invite my friends and family to view it. I'll also try and get the second part of the Van Dusen trip up here too.

Things are quite busy with the house and we haven't even packed a box yet. Nope, not one. But, for an update - the roof is done, the mold is gone and the deck is repaired. My painter is amazing (ask me for a card if you need a painter) and the floors should go in next week. Then I think we'll be moving a little at a time, then a bigger move. Not sure, haven't thought that far ahead.

Hugs to all!

Noah's Birthday Party

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