Thursday, October 2, 2008

More kickin' back at Casa de Krol and some news!

So, I took a couple of shots today of Noah and Lily and found some older ones from September. I hope to make and put up some older albums, but life will be getting a bit busy around here. So, if I get them up - woohoo, if not, well it may be a month or so before I get a chance to do much.

The NEWS is we bought a house! We are praying to close on the 8th but the latest will be the 13th. We have been apprehensive about sharing the news because we are buying a foreclosed home and the banks are cautious and SLOW. We pray for the rain to hold up until after we put on the new roof and get the deck sealed. There is a lot of work to be done. We are really praying that this will all happen and happen well and according to God's plan. There will be a final walk through and I don't know when that is. If it rains and we walk in and are standing in water, well this may not be the house for us. It is a little scary to not know about the weather. I haven't taken many pictures because I have been getting measurements and dealing with six different contractors. If we don't close by the 8th we have to fork over more cash to keep our lower interest rate and I have to get on the phone and reschedule the six different contractors. It also puts us back as to when we'll move. When we go through the walk through I'll take some pictures and try to get some of the before shots up here. Overall, the house is wonderful, it is huge, has a big yard and we are really excited. We'll be doing updates on pretty much everything (I'll try to get a picture of the fabulous tile in the foyer and the showers. Hahaha)

We are planning on renting our home and we 'think' we have a renter lined up. We'll keep you posted on how that comes along.

For now, here are my cute kids and hubby!

More kickin' back

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