Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September Fun

We have had a fun and busy September and it isn't even over yet.

We went to a White Sox game against the Angels on the 12th. Woohoo! Sox won in the 10th inning. It was a long day. We went with a group of people and everyone gave the kids all sorts of junk to eat. Noah was ready to go back. It was a fun day.

Noah and Lily started Swim lessons. Noah cried and complained the whole time on the first day. We decided it was Daddy that he wanted so Daddy wasn't invited back to lessons. Lily was a super champ on her first day. Noah had another lesson, and did better, there was still some resistence. By his 3rd and 4th lesson he was awesome. We learned that we needed to let him play first, so yes, I get in the pool with him at 7:40am (can we all say brrrrrr?) so he can play before lesson. He does an amazing job. He will float by himself. Now we just need to get him to turn around and float by himself after he jumps in. Lily's 2nd lesson was ok, she did a great job, though I think she just wanted Mommy. She just started cutting another tooth, so she wasn't as compliant on day 2 of her lesson.

Noah started school. He is in preschool. He loves going and likes all the kids. He is learning a lot of new behaviors and rules and it has been a bit of a rocky start, but we have the lines of communication open with the teachers and we are working on it. He was a Superstar this week.

Lily and I are taking a 'Paint, Pour and Paste' class together. I brought the camera today to get some shots. We had some serious fun with shaving cream!

Only 3 more weeks of swim lessons and art class, then both kids will be in a little gymnastics class. Lily with me and Noah by himself. Then no more classes till after the holidays.

I started a Bible Study with a bunch of women, I had my first oneon Tuesday. I like it. It has child care the kids do great in the class for the 2 hours and 15 minutes. I feel like I have returned to a world of people other than just my kids. It has been nice.

I have made a new friend. :) We plan on going to the Aquarium with her family and our family on Saturday. I look forward to this little get together. I of course will have the camera and hope to have some more pictures up next week.

Monte has also started a Bible Study every other Monday night. Again, something other than just work and the kids. His job continues to be busy, and he still loves it, so woohoo!

Monte and I have also been finding some time to do our hobbies together. I have been scrapbooking while he has been painting his miniatures. We are in the same room, it is almost like a date. It is relaxing. We have also found some time to play a little WoW.

GOOD NEWS! The outside house projects (that we have hired out) are all done! It is a nice break. Monte still is working on fixing all of the damage done by the lanscape guys, but with a couple sodas, some angry alone time, he is fixing the sprinklers one by one. Then a beer afterwards as a reward.

Enjoy the photos. Remember we are both on facebook, if you want to keep daily tabs. If you aren't a freind, we should be. :) We love hearing how everyone is doing.

September fun

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