Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend at the San Diego Zoo.

Finally, a weekend where we are all home for a full weekend. First time since Chicago. We made this a family only weekend. It has been wonderful. We started out with a bang and did the San Diego Zoo.

Though the Wild Animal Park is my favorite of the zoo's we really wanted to see the new Elephant Odyssey at the San Diego Zoo. We were blessed enough to be able to donate to the cat enclosure part of this huge project. It is amazing. They moved a bunch of the Elephants over from the Wild Animal Park over to the zoo. The zoo had a nice enclosure for their elephants, but it was so small. I don't know how much larger the new one is statistically, but it seems huge. It took us most of the day to go through it. Yes, we also walk a little slow. With an almost 3 year old and an almost year and a half old, the legs don't go as fast. That and it was pretty warm. So, we took a 'stroll'.

Anyways, we had a wonderful day. The Elephant Odyssey is a must see. It has so much to see, play on, read about. They really did a nice job. I was pleased.

The jaguar you see played with this ball for the longest time. He would jump in and out of the water, under and over the ball. I got a close up. He was beautiful. The Elephants were having some fun too.

Our little monkeys also had a good time playing and seeing animals.

Just a great day!

Sunday and Monday we pretty much kicked back. Went to church, got a lawn mower, went for a walk. Ate some food, played with each other. An overall fabulous family filled weekend.

Enjoy the pictures!

San Diego Zoo 9/5/2009

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