Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Yard Project

We are having lots done out here on our yard. We have had all of the grass (really it was 90% weeds) dug up in preparation for new grass and an updated irrigation system. We are having two side walls built. These are walls between our neighbors. We are a planter built in the back that will be for vegetables and herbs and a Dwarf Myer Lemon Tree. We are having a small wall built in the front planter to keep the dirt from falling all over the sidewalk. We are tying one small planter up at the front of the house into the new wall so we can have a plant or two, instead of just a pile of rocks and debris that gather. We also decided to have the back concrete strip ripped out and have a very small planter hold our new trees and some flowers. I think the last wall that we decided will make the yard look more complete. We will be having a gate installed and a new driveway poured as well. From one of the last posts, I mentioned the tree we removed from the front of the house pulled up the driveway and posed a hazard, so we are having that fixed.

We will have a pretty safe place for the kids to play and some fun gardening experiences for the kids to enjoy. I will also enjoy my gardening! The yard won't have some crazy renegade sprinklers anymore, it will be awesome. For now, it is a work in progress. The photos are wild. The amount of materials and machines that have been here have been quite an adventure for Noah and Lily. They miss their grass, Noah told me his grass was all gone and he missed it! They will have it back soon enough.

Enjoy the ride! More pictures will come. Stucco gets put on the walls on Saturday. Then one thing will feel more finished.

The Yard Project

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B said...

It's looking great. Can't wait to see it all finished!