Sunday, April 5, 2009

April news.

We had a BIG day on 4/4! Noah is now in his toddler bed. We call it his 'Big Boy Bed'. It is the same bed, just converted. We made a huge deal out of it. Took photos saying 'bye bye' to the crib and he 'helped' Daddy take his bed apart and put it together. Lily participated too. It was a good morning. Noah was very excited about it. That afternoon he even put himself to bed for a nap! He also slept in it great that night. No getting up or anything. I am not sure he is aware that he 'can' get out of it at night. He just didn't.

After naps the association hosted a little Easter Egg hunt. It was cute. We dropped of 12 filled eggs per kid during the week and the Association volunteer spread them all out, there were three or four different age groups for each hunt. It lasted about an hour. It was cute.

There are a couple of dinner shots in here as well. Lily is determined to feed herself her own dinner. She is also quite vocal about what she wants. She ALWAYS wants what we are eating or cooking or holding. She yelled at me for like 5 minutes while I was cutting up raw onions the other day. Sheesh!

Anyways, here are some pictures. Enjoy!


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Mandi said...

Yay big boy Noah!