Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Pictures as promised.

Our little carrot and peas had a fun time with a Harvest Fest at Noah's school and trick or treating at Blizzard. Then more fun giving away bags of chips to all of the trick or treaters that came to our house.

In other news, Noah had his first ER trip. That was exciting. He was able to have glue instead of stitches. He ran into a corner of a tailgate of a pick-up truck. Not fun. His eye is all black and blue and green. Lily was a sweetheart through the whole thing. She sat and quietly watched her brother. She definitely looked concerned. On our way home from the ER she reached over and held his hand in the car. Sweet. Of course the next day, a sore face with glue on it did not slow Noah down at all. He was back to his old tricks running around like a madman. All I could see were doorknobs and hold my breath every time he passed one praying that he didn't rip off the glue job. His new favorite phrase is 'because, that is how it works'. When asked pretty much any question.

Lily has been up to some new things too. She is speaking so much. She is learning new words every day! It is wonderful. She has also been going potty on her own for about 3 - 4 days now. It helps that her big brother is there to encourage her. He likes it when they potty together. He on the big one and she on the little one. The conversations are quite funny. I am usually kicked out of the bathroom, as Noah asks for privacy. Lily has also discovered boots. Wow, we thought she liked shoes! Now she runs around naked with these big plastic hello kitty boots on. What a riot these two are.

My babies are growing up. It is going so fast. I want to slow things down, yet I don't want to stop them. I have a handful of friends that are pregnant and I can't help but think, do I want another one. Then 8pm rolls around and I am like no way. I am tired! Actually I usually come to the conclusion of 'no' a lot earlier than that, but 8pm is when this turkey is done.

Speaking of Turkey, here it comes, the holiday season! I hope everyone is getting excited and getting ready. Hopefully I'll post on, around or near Thanksgiving.

Love to you all!


Halloween 2009

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